It’s too light outside for it to be 7:30. It’s throwing off my groove.

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Sacha M’Baye


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Favorite character + favorite musicians. I guess his Daft Punk song would be “Superheroes" :D

(Maybe I’ll turn that into a series with other characters and band t-shirts)

I could’nt finish the Damian Wayne fanart before this because Photoshop doesn’t stop doing weird things and slowing down my laptop (it’s sadly getting old :/)

I also wanted to thank everyone that follows, likes, reblogs my things, it’s really nice and motivating :) !!

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i don’t think you understand how violently protective i can be of fictional characters

#there are at least five characters in the world that I would physically fight you over

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mako: grouchy hard-working brooding snarker who represses her emotions but loves deeply nonetheless; she’s a good-looking dork with a strong sense of justice

stephanie rogers: courageous, selfless soldier who just wanted to do the right thing, and now she’s displaced in a time whose zeitgeist she struggles to reconcile with her principles

elizabeth elric: temperamental genius who wants to save herself and her younger sister from her own mistakes; she pisses off a lot of people and has hysterically bad taste in clothing

seto kaiba: power-obsessed super genius with a dangerously cunning intellect whose misanthropy and ruthless drive hides her compassionate heart; she’s obsessed with dragons

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fake film meme ❥  Seychelle Gabrielle, Tyler Posey, Jamie Chung, Theo James, JD Pardo, Sebastian Stan, Meghan Ory, Paul James + Coffee
✐ requested by assmonroe

A series of stories about falling in love in unexpected places.

Jocelyn (Ory) just wanted a quick cup of coffee before heading to a job interview but Aya (Chung) seems to be more interested in her phone then her customers. 

Ray (T James) was about to have the most important meeting of his life when an intern, Valentin (Pardo), accidentally lets it slip that the company he was hoping to buy may be going under. 

Vincent (P James) lived the lonely life of a detective, a life he was happy with. But when he meets patisserie owner Alicia (Gabriel), he starts to question his life choices. 

Elliott (Stan) has been known for firing assistants within a week. So what makes Jake (Posey) the exception? 

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get to know me meme: [1/5] tv shows - brooklyn nine-nine  

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one graphic per issue → Batgirl #4: Field Test

“I’m a dutiful college student… a devoted daughter… and a magnet for trouble. Among other things. My name is Stephanie Brown, and I’m Batgirl.”

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Polish time n___n

'cause all those GLTAS reblogs make me nostalgic.

And I was listening to Tommy James’s Crimson and Clover while drawing this *wink wink* XDDD

"my my such a sweet thing… what a beautiful feeling…"

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Breeding on Flight Rising (2/?) - Planning Your Pairs

This is the second post in a series of posts about the Flight Rising breeding process. We talked before about how dragon traits are passed on. Now we’re going to be talking about how to plan your dragon breeding pairs.

I. What do you want to get out of breeding?

This is the ultimate question. Are you trying to get a very specific looking dragon? Do you want certain colors, breeds, or genes? Do you want to make money? Do you want to make wildly colorful eyesore babies? Establishing your goal in breeding will help you narrow down what you want to look for. More under the cut!

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What’s the point? What are you fighting for?
You. I guess I’m fighting for you.

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