I’ve been looking out the window for eighteen years, dreaming about what it would feel like when those lights rise in the sky.

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Shiba Inu puppy, 7 weeks old.

someday I will dog

but not this day

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Tight Pants with J. Lo

And why am I not surprised that JLO’s still got it! Jimmy too haha. #getlostapplesauce


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Don’t be scared. I’m a shapeshifter too!

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For three consecutive years, “whatever” was voted as the most annoying word.


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Into The Woods Stills

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Various Fonts #3 by FUCKINGPHOTSHOP
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CANCEL THE APOCALYPSE! Pacific Rim's awesome limited edition blu-ray is on sale today only at 55% off! The set comes with a 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD and digital copy of the film, along with your very own collectible Jaeger and tons of behind the scenes extras.  

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"beauty is in the eye of — THE BOULDER"


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“If you really believe that representation doesn’t matter, then why the fuck are you threatened by it? If not seeing yourself depicted in stories has no negative psychological impact - if the breakdown of who we see on screen has no bearing on wider social issues - then what would it matter if nine stories out of ten were suddenly all about queer brown women? No big, right? It wouldn’t change anything important; just a few superficial details. Because YOU can identify with ANYONE.

So I guess the problem is that you just don’t want to. Because deep down, you think it’ll make stories worse. And why is that? Oh, yeah: because it means they wouldn’t all be about YOU.”


fozmeadows (via kawaii-afro-fluff)

because it would threaten your white superiority

but whites want to act like they’re ignorance and racism is a sign of them being more intellectual

(via blackfeminism)
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Hey friends. So I recently reached 500 followers, which is a pretty big milestone for me, and I wanted to do something to celebrate it. I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for a while now, since it was also recently my 2nd anniversary on tumblr. Anyway, I hope you all check out these wonderful blogs — some have stuck by me since the very beginning. Thank you for helping me reach 500. Hopefully my next ff will be for 1,000!!

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tiny mako is so cute im fuckin losin it

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Little animation I did of Flash for Sketch Dailies and to learn After Effects. It was my first time doing puppet animation in After Effects. Definitely a great program for simple puppets. 

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